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Miss Americana: ‘I’m definitely not ready for all this grown-up stuff’

By Sam Mildenhall Jan 23, 2020

From the very first scene of a young Taylor Swift playing the piano to the last of her standing in fame and glory, Netflix’s new documentary has managed to capture my emotions in more ways than just one.

Swift tells her story beautifully and shines a light on how the music industry operates behind closed doors. She allows us to see how those living in the limelight do not always have the life of luxury we think they have.

While the storyline and message is something we have often seen time and time again, Swift’s kind nature and roaring success add a new dimension to the narrative.

I found the most powerful moment was when Swift opened up about her personal growth.

Swift had said: “I’m about to be 29. There’s a part of me that feels like I’m 57-years-old, but then there’s part of me that’s definitely not ready to have kids.

“I’m definitely not ready for all this grown-up stuff.”

Swift encapsulates reality perfectly with this statement – fame, money or power does not determine when you are ready to undertake and achieve your biggest goals in life.

Everyone progresses at their own pace, and everyone needs something different to ready them for their own future.

For Swift, none of these materialistic things is the answer, which draws out her humble and mature personality.

Swift also shares her opinion on politics, which is something she once swore never to do. I respect Swift for going against her word and fighting for her beliefs.

One aspect of the avid cat-lover slash pop-idol that impressed me was her openness in expressing her thoughts and feelings even in culturally sensitive situations.

Swift promotes her views and values even when playing at live shows or accepting awards, such as speaking out about the Equality Act after receiving the award at the 2019 VMA’s.

Overall, I am very impressed by this documentary and Swift’s modest nature. She has helped me gain insight into political values, moral values, and the full story behind the closed doors of fame.

I would without a doubt recommend this Netflix show if you have 85 minutes spare and are willing to join Swift on a rollercoaster of emotions.

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