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Five top podcasts for students

By Emily Walker Jan 27, 2021
Peter Crouch. Photo by Simon Dael/BPI/Shutterstock (10473178ce)

Podcasts have become increasingly popular, especially since lockdown began, so the River has compiled a list of the best podcasts for students.

  1. TED Talks Education

The podcast began in 2011 and each episode is hosted by different people and offers topics such as “Lessons on leaving the world better than you found it” hosted by Sophie Howe and “Why students should have mental health days” hosted by Hailey Hardcastle. This is a great podcast for students as not only is it educational but it offers great insight into people’s perspectives on an array of topics. The episodes range from seven and eight minutes, to longer episodes which are around 50 minutes. 

Available on Apple Podcasts here 

2. That Peter Crouch Podcast

Peter Crouch started his podcast in 2018 alongside Tom Fordyce and Chris Stark with chat about all things football. The episodes range from 30-40 minutes and have included guests such as Harry Redknapp, Theo Walcott and even Prince William. They have episodes discussing tackles, injuries, captains and retiring from football so to any student that is a fan of football and sports, this podcast is definitely one for you.

You can subscribe to the podcast here

3. Listen Money Matters 

Budgeting is a very important part of the student lifestyle and this podcast hosted by Matt Giovanisci, Andrew Fiebert and Thomas Frank helps you with any money advice you need. They advertise themselves as “honest and uncensored – this is not your father’s boring finance show.” Their balance of entertainment and financial advice is perfect for those with any questions about money. 

Available from their website and podcast platforms here

4. My Favourite Murder

My Favourite Murder is hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark who discuss different true crime murder cases, mostly solved ones, but they also discuss theories of unsolved cases.  For those of you who are fans of true crime, this is definitely a podcast for you to all subscribe to.

Listen to My Favourite Murder here

5. The Receipts Podcasts

The receipts podcast is a fun and entertaining podcast hosted by Tolly Shoneye, Milena Sanchez and Audrey Indome and they discuss anything and everything from relationships to mental health and pop culture. This podcast that began in 2016 is a great way to feel like you’re talking to a group of friends and is highly recommended. 

Available on Spotify here 

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