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Postgraduate open day still online

By Jadyn A D'Souza Oct 11, 2021
Student attending online meetingStudent on teams meeting. Photo: Hollandse Hoogte/Shutterstock

Kingston University’s latest Open Day for postgraduate students, on Wednesday October 13 2021, will be held online despite the campus now being open to students.

Open days are organised by universities to give you the chance to visit and experience the university first-hand. They help you make decisions on what and where you would like to study and can usually tell you more about a university than a prospectus normally would.

Christina Viegas, a member of the student recruitment team said: ”The University is still being cautious as we open in phases with regards to the Covid situation.

“Hence, we have not yet started in-person campus tours too, except the ones we had on October 2 and also the upcoming Open Day on October 23 2021,” said Viegas.

Attending open days allow students to talk to universities, colleges and other course providers, professional bodies and commercial companies too. They provide students with valuable advice on finance and other useful information.

Being unable to experience the university first-hand could be a massive blow to prospective students such as Dessire Ayton.

The 25-year-old from Sutton said: “I really liked everything I heard about the university. I intend on commuting from Sutton to Kingston for classes but I might have to think otherwise since I haven’t really gotten the chance to taste the campus life.”

The University has however confirmed that future open days are set to be held in person.

With a seven-day average of around 38,000 positive Covid-19 cases a day in the UK, for now the University remains cautious in their approach to on-campus events.

To book and attend an open day event at Kingston University, please visit

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