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Five things to do this weekend

By Chris Dudek Nov 18, 2021
Car in a busy streetThe city of London. Credits: Tomek Baginski on Unsplash

Still not sure what do to with yourself at the weekend and you feel that assignments are taking over your life? We have prepared another list of activities in London for you to explore.

The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum has its own ice rink open for the last time before the gardens are turned into a new attraction for visitors. It is a magical experience for you and friends to go to. The ice rink is set amongst beautiful architecture and mature trees. You have to book the tickets in advance via the museum’s website and prices start from £12.65 with various time slots  available. 

Take a trip to Richmond Park

There is nothing more beautiful than late autumn in London’s biggest park. Bring a flask full of tea and warm clothes as Richmond Park is on a hill, which can make it more windy and cold. It is free and open 24 hours except during the six week of deer culls from November to early December and February to early March. You can even walk there directly from Kingston. The views from Richmond Hill are absolutely stunning.

Visit London’s best coffee shops

Around this time, most of the coffee shops in London change their menus to attract customers with their festive offerings. Explore the various coffee shops around the Soho area, stop and get some doughnuts at Crosstown bakery as autumn is all about indulgence. However, the ultimate favourite place for coffee is Hagen Espresso Bar in Belgravia. It serves incredible nutty tasting coffee and the best spicy avocado on toast you can find in London. 

Go and see a pantomime

London is known for its incredible pantomimes and this year you are in luck as theatres are going ahead with their productions. The Snowman starts on the November 20 at the Peacock Theatre near Covent Garden and tickets are still available online and start at £20 per person. You will surely have a good time. Tickets are more expensive if you want to have the best seats in the house but there are some good bargains to be found.

Walk up the Marble Arch Mound

The best things in life are free, students will know that very well. This weekend why not go for a walk in London, starting at Piccadilly Circus station and walk through to Regent Street then through Oxford Street towards the Marble Arch Mound. Absorb what London is best known for, it’s the crazy atmosphere. Book your free tickets for the Marble Arch Mound and see the city from a higher perspective. You can enjoy the views of the famous Park Lane and Hyde Park. 

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